Monday, November 30, 2015

In Our Skies

by Mel Corbett

RECOMMEND and Drew are the pilot and co-pilot of British Airlines flight 219, flying from London to San Francisco. When they are almost to their destination, they make contact the air traffic control tower.

For the past few weeks, Ken has heard stories from other pilots of sightings of strange flying objects. Even his own copilot told him of one, but he has seen nothing and nobody seems willing to be called crazy for reporting an incident. But today, the control tower operator asks if he or Drew has seen anything unusual in the skies. The tower then re-routes their flight to enter the airport from a different path than planned.

On approach to the airport, they encounter a very large and hostile flying object.

I do not usually care for apocalyptic fiction but this very short story captured my interest and held my attention from beginning to end. Told in the first person, the majority of the story is reflection interspersed with some interaction. The interaction lets the reader relate to the characters. But it is the reflection that slowly builds suspense and keeps the reader intrigued.

The one thing I might criticize, other than that the writing might be tightened up a little and the elimination of two counts of "shit," is that I never really felt the fear a situation like this would engender in real life. When faced with obvious danger, I have it on good authority that even heroes feel afraid. Granted, I dislike feelings of fear when I read, which is why I don't usually read things that will make me feel that way, but I do think that fear is something a reader should feel when reading a situation such as is described in the final scene of this story.

Other than that one criticism, this is a well-written story that I enjoyed. Kudos to the author.

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    1. My pleasure. Thank you for putting out a free short story that was worth reading. I hope you have good success in building your audience. :^)